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Engineering is the art of the specific approximations. Human being aims to reach the beauty of nature in comfort and also requires to be protected from the environment. This paradox is the basis of engineering approach. Alce Engineering employees establish their methods. Alce claims that, engineering is the creation of the solution in "cost-need-aesthetics" optimazion. All realistic solutions need to have a reason. Alce Engineering adheres to perfection in engineering.

Objective is to be the provider of quality solutions to distinctive designs. The company first started to cooperate with MERO-TSK GmbH.Co., world wide known engineering company who has created countless glass and metal envelopes to the buildings around the world since 1926. This cooperationled Alce to build unique contruction designs in Turkey. Later, the company invested in light weight structures, new innovation of engineering concept, still in advance. Whithin this scope, remarkable projects have been complated with Turkish promoters.

Alce company's other division is "product marketing department" which supports the Turkish Building sector by supplying interior contract products as suspended ceilings, access floors. relocatable partition systems and carpet tiles. The installations are undertaken according to European standards.

Interior decoration department has been established in 2001 in order to provide full architectural service on the projects from outer space to inner space.

The cost efficient realization of our client's ideas is our objective; in budget, on time, with the highest quality.
















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